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More Fun Than Legal › › ›

The Editing Room
(the scripts you didn't see that are supposed to be funny but we are beginning to wonder about these hmm)

(your lovely host)

› › ›

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
(the oscar people)

Writers Guild of America West
(writers west of the mississippi -- you wondered where they drew that line didn't you?)

Writers Guild of America East
(writers east of the mississippi -- never underestimate that river)

Writers Guild of Canada
(yes people really live there)

Writers Guild of Great Britain
(yep over there too)

Competitions › › ›

American Zoetrope
(deadline : september)

Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition
(deadline : may 7)

Chesterfield Writer's Film Project
(deadline : varies shoot for may)

Disney Studios | ABC Fellowship
(deadline : june 27)

Final Draft "Big Break"
(deadline : june)

Fox Search Lab
(deadline : no deadline this comp is ongoing)

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
(most prestigious | deadline : may 1)

Open Door
(deadline : march 1)

Project Greenlight
(most notorious | deadline : feb 28)

(deadline : april 15)

Sundance Screenwriter's Lab
(deadline : may 1)

*note, we strongly suggest you double check these deadlines, we do not always keep up and they do change

In Print › › ›

(the trades online)

Hollywood Reporter
(the other trades online)

Fade In
(entertainment ezine & magazine)

Creative Screenwriting
(specifically for screenwriters : now daily)

Scr(i)pt Magazine
(specifically for screenwriters : ezine & magazine)


Forums › › ›

Revenge of Click This
(the AFW message board, moderated)

Word Play
(articles and message board for screenwriters, moderated)

Done Deal
(articles and message board for screenwriters, not very moderated)

Workshops › › ›

(a private online workshop for screenwriters)

Gotham Writers Online
(online workshops & classes for writers)



Resources › › ›

Hollywood Creative Directory Online
(directories of personnel at production companies and agencies)

(database of scripts online)

Simply Scripts
(script downloads and links online)

Movie Bytes
(script contests and submission info)

Internet Movie Database
("data base" is clear to us)

Script Secrets
(bill martell's useful articles and info)

Script Nannies
(coverage from pro studio readers)

WGAw Online Mentor Service
(wga members who mentor new writers)

WGAw Signatory Agents & Agencies
(wga signatory agents & agencies)

Scripts & Coverage
(an interesting member site that uploads scripts for people to read for a fee -- still checking this one out)

Box Office Mojo
(box office updates & info: domestic & international)

Hollywood Reporter Box Office
(hollywood reporter's top ten domestic box office)

Top Ten Links
(links to popular screenwriting sites on the web)

› › ›

The Elements of Style
(if this title does not look familiar and you are a writer you are in big trouble buy this book right now)

Chicago Manual of Style
(do not edit a book manuscript without it)

Oxford English Dictionary
(dictionaries, know them, love them, use them)

Compact Oxford English Dictionary
(dictionaries, know them, love them, use them)

Webster Online Dictionary [Rosetta Edition]
(dictionaries, know them, love them, use them)

Mirium Webster Online Dictionary
(dictionaries, know them, love them, use them)

Mirium Webster Online Thesaurus
(thesauruses, know them, love them, use them)

Roget's Online Thesaurus
(thesauruses, know them, love them, use them)

Encyclopedia Britannica Online
(encyclopedias, know them, love them, use them)

Registrations › › ›

WGAw Registration Service
(that writers guild registration thing)

Library of Congress
(that u.s. copyright thing)

World Wide Online Creator's Registry
(we are not sure how this works yet but go investigate and you tell us)


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